We need diversity of tactics.

We need the people who are scrappy, who can’t not fight when they see injustice, who bite back when harassed. We need people who will scream and make noise when allistic people do something that oppresses us.

We also need the people who will engage with “autism parents” and other allistic people. We need people who are willing to educate those who are willing to learn*, if nothing else for the sake of the next generation of autistic people.

There is no need for people who prefer the second tactic to infight and preach against those who prefer the first.

Related reading: This article where Kinsey says it better than me.

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I don’t know what this is in reference to, but I’m pretty sure I agree. Too much infighting within this and other activisty-type movements. Also I very much like the linked article about styles of activism.

ETA — from the linked article: “For instance, I know someone with an anxiety disorder. It isn’t necessarily privilege or bigotry that causes her to respond badly to Nuker tactics but literally being triggered by those tactics.” My sister is this way. It has created some difficulties between us. Appreciated seeing that written down somewhere else.

This, so much this (for those who didn’t already, read the post from Kinsey Hope referenced here, of course Is a schematisation there is no all encompassing idea of what is the final definition of a Nuker, an Appeaser, an emoter or a Logic Bomber, but Kinsey knows that, and this post remains very useful to show why it is necessary to have activists being as diverse as they can be!)

I live in the french part of Switzerland (Suisse Romande), I’m half Swiss and half French.

And to me, it seems that there there is a culture where people are encouraged to be Appeaser and not Nukers, Logic bombers and not emoters, especially if you are part of a minority group, especially if you talk about oppression.

And since there isn’t really a disability rights movement there, or at least not at all like in the english-speaking countries, It’s really difficult there to make the kind of activism I want to do in french.

I know that if I write things that sound angry I risk to really not be took seriously, and to get concern trolling and no one to support my right to be visibly angry and emotive while doing activism.

And of course I know this intersects with ableism, It’s really difficult, we need more Nukers and more disabled people need to know that they have the rights to an opinion, the right to make this opinion known, the right to have emotions, the right to be angry, the right to not be super polite to everyone when they are terrified and/or know/feel that they are oppressed.

I really would love it if the notion of privileges was more well known in French-speaking countries, but instead there seems to be this attitude that to have an opinion that is valuable, you have to have studied this subject in university, and that living it daily does’t make you an expert at all.

I can’t deal with it right now.

(I also agree with the point about anxiety, even if I didn’t comment about it)